TRAMTelephone Retirees Association of Manitoba

AGM 2017-05-30 Minutes





Minutes of the 18th Annual General Meeting of the Telephone Retirees Association of Manitoba Inc. (TRAM) held on Tuesday, May30th. 2017, at, the Masonic Memorial Temple 420 Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg Manitoba,



1.   The meeting was called to order at 1:10 p.m. by President Dave Gnutel


 2.   Dave Gnutel asked Mr. Tony Leonard to lead the meeting  in the singing of O Canada


3.   President Dave Gnutel asked for “A Moment of Silence”, to observe the lives of         members/beneficiaries who passed away in 2016. Dave noted that there were approximately 15 members who were deceased in 2016


 4.   Darleen Buan presented the scrutinizers report.


 Members attending       65    

 Proxies voted **         236       


Total                            301                            


**NOTE: There were a total of 335 proxies received. 84 were rejected due to various reasons, and 15 arrived late so were not counted


Based on the total number of members present and proxies received Dave Gnutel declared that a quorum was achieved and the meeting was duly constituted.  


5.   Minutes of May 26th, 2015.


Moved by Stan Runge, seconded by, Tony Leonard, to adopt the minutes of the 2016 AGM held on May 31st. 2016                                                                                                                   CARRIED


6.   Financial Report


Moved by Roberta Davis, seconded by, Ruth Fairburn, to receive the audited financial report for 2016, as circulated                                                                                                                          CARRIED




Moved by, Roberta Davis, seconded by Ruth Fairburn, to adopt the 2017 budget as circulated.





Moved by, Roberta Davis, seconded by, Bonnie Higgens  to appoint Jo-Anne Pelzer and Linda Kszywisko     as auditors for 2017.                                                                                                             CARRIED                                                                                                                                                                       

NOTE: the executive will contact Linda Kszywisko to confirm the appointment at a later date.





Debra Akister gave a brief oral report on the state of our membership.


Active members:  1645

Inactive/Deceased members:  1179

   Of the active members, 1399 are employees and 223 are spouses of deceased members


** A full report is attached to the original



James Burr gave an oral report on the status of the TRAM website. He advised the membership that there will be a contest for TRAM members to submit a photo to replace our original Winnipeg picture. Details are published on the website. He also reported that the new TRAM telephone number 866-411-6265 was in service and listed on the website.



Blue Cross


Dave Gnutel gave a brief oral report on the ongoing negotiations with HUB and Blue Cross in order to try to increase benefits. He is also working with HUB to send out a user survey to all members to try to get an idea as to what benefits are needed to be adjusted, changed, or increased.

It is to be noted that at last years AGM a member asked if the executive could investigate with Blue Cross the possibility of  getting a “Blue Card” for prescription drugs. After discussions with representatives of Blue Cross the executive decided that we would no longer pursue this question as it seems that it would cost members more money to get the card. All members in plans C and D would be subject to additional costs.


December Luncheon

Adrienne Katchanoski gave an oral report on the TRAM Christmas Luncheon. The turnout for last year’s meeting was unfortunately low due to a winter storm. However for everyone who did make it, it seemed as if there was a good time by all.

It is to be noted that TRAM refunded 50% of the ticket prices due to the inclement weather on that day.

Adrienne reported that after an investigation of alternate venues for the Luncheon it was agreed the Masonic Hall was the most cost effective.

Adrienne was given permission by the membership to hold a straw vote as to when the next luncheon should be held. The majority of the membership voted to move the event to a date in November. (It was noted that November 2 was not a good date as this is the date of the Retired Ladies luncheon.) Also that the turkey dinner was to be continued .


8.   MTS implementation  plan report


Larry Trach gave a brief oral report on the status of the implementation committee. (This committee was struck under the legal authority of the SCC and Mr. Justice Bryk of court of Queens Bench Manitoba)

After a last meeting on March 20, 2017 it was reported that as of February 6th,(the legal cutoff date for all repayments of the surplus  funds), there was $1.3 million left. By law some of this money has to be put aside to cover certain un-located   members who had differed pensions. At their next meeting to be held on June 14th, the committee will be beginning deliberating on the best way to utilize the rest of the funds.


       8a  Larry also reported that a draft of the DB plan Annual  Pension report that was to come out in May but probably  has been delayed due to the purchase of MTS by Bell. It is hoped that the report will be published in June.


9.   Presidents Report


Dave Gnutel gave a brief oral report on the state of TRAM.

He also reported that after a lengthy investigation of where our members were so we could distribute the remainder of the recovered (legal) funds we have reached a point that all funds that can be distributed have been. The executive is now attempting to contact MTS to see if they can provide any further information for us.

He also reported on a letter he sent to  Bell to ask for contact names for their DB pension plan and to discuss having Bell recognize TRAM in the plan text of our DB pension plan as the formal representative of the retirees..

 This is still an ongoing project and Dave committed to keep the membership aware of any new developments. A question was asked if we could use our lawyers to help. Dave replied that he will look into this as there may or may not be any economic benefits to do so.

Dave also reported that he has been in contact with representatives of the Bell Pension Group. After giving a brief history of the group he committed to keep the membership informed as to ongoing investigation of the benefits (hotel discounts etc.) and what more the plan offers. and any further information from the group.



10.   Election of officers


Before giving the report of the nominations committee Darlene Braun asked the membership if there were any nominations from the floor.

Hearing none, the following motion was made


Moved by, Tony Leonard, seconded by, Darlene Buan to close nominations.                      Carried


Darlene then continued to present the following report from the committee.


Report of the nomination committee


The nomination committee reported that the following people were willing to stand for office for the year 2017


President                           Dave Gnutel               

1st. Vice President             Debra Akister

2nd Vice President             James Burr                 

3rd, Vice President             Adrienne Katchanoski

Secretary                           Glen McCoubrey       

Treasurer                           Kim Pododworny


Nominations received by mail: none


Nomination from the floor: none





Moved by Darlene Buan seconded by, Val Kuhtey, to approve and elect the proposed slate of officers for 2017.                                                                                                                                            CARRIED


11. Motion for Defined Benefits Pension Plan Retiree’s Representative


Moved by Stan Runge, seconded by, , Ron Findley,  to approve the motion as circulated.                                                                                                                                                                                          CARRIED

NOTE: the motion as circulated to the membership is attached.


12,   New Business


There was no new business brought before the meeting.


13 Introduction of the new executive

At this time Dave Gnutel introduced the new slate of members of the board.



Motion to Adjourn.


Moved by, Les Sykes,to adjourn at, 2:50 pm                                                               CARRIED.








_________________________                                              __________________________

Dave Gnutel,        President                                                    Glen McCoubrey,      Secretary