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                                                                                                                                    October 2015

TRAM Legal Trust Refund – Status

Follow-up to the Motion passed at TRAM’s May 2015 Annual General Meeting:  Refunding the members who contributed to the Trust Fund the total amount contributed less $50.00.

Work began on this task in July 2015.  To date:

  1. Refund cheques to all Active members have been sent out.
  2. Refund cheques to Estates with valid addresses and information have been sent out.
  3. Refund cheques totalling $11,623, for “unlocated” members or estates, have yet to be sent out.  Valid addresses and information is pending.          


TRAM has requested MTS’s assistance to obtain valid contact and address information for “unlocated” members or estates, in cooperation with the Pension Surplus settlement address searches for “unlocated” recipients.

TRAM’s Treasurer and Past-President have expended over 100 hours to implement this task, to this point.


TRAM Membership and MIA Lists

in conjunction with the Legal Trust fund refund, we have been updating our Membership mail distribution and MIA lists.  “Members” who have not contributed to dues for 4 or more years, will cease to be actively maintained and will immediately be assigned to “Inactive” status.

Please remind your MTS Retiree friends and colleagues to update their address and telephone information with TRAM, if they have moved in the past two years.

** Address and Telephone # changes made with MTS or the Pension Board are NOT provided or communicated to TRAM. **