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MTS Retiree Extended Health Care Program

TO: All MTS Retirees enrolled in the Extended Health Care Program
Date: November, 2013
Re: Extended Health Care Program Renewal January 1, 2014
No Action is Required - This Memo is for Your Information Only
The Retiree Extended Health Care Program renews on January 1st every year with Manitoba Blue Cross.
We are pleased to advise that, due to favourable experience over the past year, we have experienced a slight decrease in the cost of the Retiree Extended Health Care Program. The factors that impact our benefit costs include:
• Our claims experience over the past year,
• Inflationary increases in Health (12% - 15%) and Dental (4% - 6%) expenses.
The new monthly rates, which will be deducted in December for January 2014, are as follows:
Current Monthly Rates
Monthly Rates effective January 1, 2014
Single - $6.75
Family - $13.60
Single - $6.75
Family - $13.60
Extended Health (no Drugs)
Single - $12.85
Family - $25.40
Single - $11.55
Family - $23.00
Extended Health/
Prescription Drugs (unlimited)/Vision
Single - $95.85
Family - $181.80
Single - $91.45
Family - $173.60
Extended Health/
Prescription Drugs ($1,000/family/year)/ Vision/Dental
Single - $88.50
Family - $177.65
Single - $85.90
Family - $172.60
Please review the Frequently Asked Questions on the reverse for additional information, including how the rates are calculated at renewal.
If you have any questions, please contact HUB International STRATA Benefits Consulting, at 1-866-787-2826 or
Don’t forget! As a Retiree of MTS, you also have access to a number of voluntary benefits. Please see the reverse for more information.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who do I contact when I need assistance?
When you are in need of assistance, please contact our benefit consultants at HUB International STRATA Benefits Consulting. They can be reached at 1-866-787-2826 or by email at
What voluntary benefits are available?
A description of all the voluntary benefits available can be found on the STRATA Benefits webpage; please use the following web address and log-in information:
Web Address:
UserName: mts
Password: retirement
Also available, through Manitoba Blue Cross, you are able to access a preferred provider network that provides discounts on medical services and supplies. Please see enclosed brochure, feel free to contact Manitoba Blue Cross directly with any questions.
How are the rates set for each plan at the renewal?
Each plan’s premium rates are affected by the plan’s individual experience and inflationary increases.
Health benefits are impacted by inflation as healthcare costs rise 12% to 15% annually due to the introduction of new prescription drugs and advances in medical technology. Dental rates are also subject to inflation pressure from increases in Dental fee guides, which move upward by 4% to 6% across Canada each year.
Can I change my Plan selection?
You may not move up to the next plan (e.g. Plan B to C); however, you may move down at any time (e.g. Plan C to B).
Can I use the premiums I pay for the MTS Retiree program as a tax deduction?
Premiums paid to a private Health and/or Dental plan may be claimed on your income tax return as a medical expense. Please discuss this with your accountant or contact Canada Revenue Agency, 1-800-959-8281 for complete details.
What if I have a change in address?
If you have moved, your address will require updating so all communications are sent to the appropriate location. To update your address, email