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Denial of WCB Claims for MTS retirees

Denial of WCB Claims for MTS retirees


Some MTS retirees who have applied for hearing aids have had their claims denied by WCB.  One employee who was a CO technician and then a CO Manager received the following response from WCB.

 “Unfortunately MTS was unable to locate your employee file, therefore unable to provide information about your employment details and exposure to noise.”


Hearing tests were conducted by the Occupational Health Nurse. We have been informed that in accordance with legislation, all the records for the hearing tests should have been kept until the individual dies. TRAM would like to collect information about the scope of this problem.


If you have been denied by WCB for hearing aids and your hearing loss can be contributed to workplace exposure to noise please email


If you are in contact with current MTS employees advise them to check to be sure that their records are complete. If they are planning to retire soon it might be a good idea to obtain copies of their hearing tests in the event that the information is needed in the future.


Dave Gnutel

TRAM President