TRAMTelephone Retirees Association of Manitoba

Harry Restall thank you note


To All of the TRAM membership



I asked Susan to include in the next TRAM newsletter this note of sincere thanks for the


 help and support that I have received as your representative on  the Defined Benefit


 Pension Committee  and as a co-plaintiff in the lawsuit. 


As we close in on the final step in the lawsuit it is hard to believe that it all started in


the fall of 1996. We have reached this point only through the commitment and steadfast


 resolve of all of  the members of our plan.


I must say that I was flattered and honoured to be nominated for the Queen Elizabeth


 Diamond Jubilee Medal. I accept it with humility and knowing that it should be shared


 with a great many of our plan members who have lent their support in so many ways for


all these years.


The kind gift that I received at the TRAM Christmas luncheon will be used for a vacation


for my wife and I that will include attending the Supreme Court hearing in Ottawa on


May 16th.



Most Sincerely



Harry Restall