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MIA Do you know where they are?


Dear Members,


TRAM is unable to contact the following individuals due to missing or changed contact information.

Your assistance is requested to help us contact these members. 


Please click on this LINK or Link below to send an email to membership coordinator.


Thank you,

TRAM Executive


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TRAM MIA list - April 2019
Therese J.C. Anaka  -  The Pas, MB
Irene Baird  -  Winnipeg, MB
Joseph Berch  -  Clearwater Bay, ON
Helene Bishop  -  Winnipeg, MB
John R Dancho  -  Chilliwack, BC
M Gayle Fraser  -  Morris, MB
M. Lauraine Ganton  -  Selkirk, MB
Jean Green  -  Winnipeg, MB
Karen Guyot  -  Keewatin, ON
Diane Hominuk  -  Traverse Bay, MB
Glen L Johnson  -  Vernon, BC
Lydia Kujat  -  Kelowna, BC
John J E Lemay  -  Winnipeg, MB
Mathilda S Leonard  -  Winnipeg, MB
Nellie Mallen  -  Steinbach, MB
Kirsten M Mansbridge  -  Calgary, AB
Nicolas J Marks  -  Hamilton, ON
Nellie Marshall  -  Winnipeg, MB
Marge McKenzie  -  Winnipeg, MB
Joyce  McLauchlan  -  Winnipeg, MB
Willi Mintel  -  Dugald, MB
Darrell Mollard   -  Stonewall, MB
R J Morning  -  Winnipeg, MB
Doreen  Morris  -  Winnipeg, MB
Darlene Mozel  -  Winnipeg, MB
Claire  Pelletier  -  Winnipeg, MB
Rosina E Ray  -  Emerson, MB
Janice Lynn Reed  -  Brandon, MB
Bessie May Robinson  -  Quesnel, BC
Barbara Ross  -  St. Anne, MB
Shealagh Ross  -  Winnipeg, MB
Arthur Sayer  -  Winnipeg, MB
Pat Settle  -  Winnipeg, MB
Annette Smith  -  Winnipeg, MB
Pat Smith   -  Sandy Hook, MB
Glenda Werbowski  -  Winnipeg, MB
Valerie M. Williamson  -  Edmonton, AB