TRAMTelephone Retirees Association of Manitoba

MIA Do you know where they are?


We have lost contact with the following members. 


If you know the status, or how to contact them, please click this link and provide the details.




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TRAM MIA list - January 2017
Phyllis Baker                "Winnipeg, MB"
George Cummings      "Grimsby, ON"
Glen L Johnson            "Winnipeg, MB"
Myrtle Little                 "Victoria, BC"
Neta  Loewen              "Winnipeg, MB"
Nellie Mallen               "Steinbach, MB"
Mervyn A  McGregor    "Winnipeg, MB"
Willi Mintel                  "Dugald, MB"
Rita Morin                   "Winnipeg, MB"
Ruby G Platt                "Winnipeg, MB"
Mary I Ross                 "Rivers, MB"
Annette Smith             "Winnipeg, MB"
Auli Toal                     "Nanaimo, BC"
Lorraine Trim              "Nanaimo, BC"
Marilyn Wake              "Winnipeg, MB"
Doreen M L  Walker     "Winnipeg, MB"
Glenda Werbowski      "Winnipeg, MB"
John Henry Wood        "Calgary, AB"